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  • Resource Management
  • Strategy & Planning
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MEETING COMMERCIAL OBJECTIVES                                       

A tailored sponsorship package at one of our events provides a direct, cost effective path to help you get your message out to existing or new target clients. Once we understand your specific business objectives, including marketing goals, we can leverage the power of our individual summit brands to work to your advantage.

Here are some practical examples:

Business Objective : Generate Leads For Your Next Sales Quarter

Sponsorship Solution: You can join one of our Summits as an Official Category Sponsor (Category Exclusivity Optional), which will position your company immediately as a key solution provider within that category. Subtle messaging, through our Summit promotional campaigns and literature distribution on the day will help you to generate inquiries and leads. You will have a dedicated space in the Exhibitions Showcase Area where you can make sales appointments or simply invite potential customers to talk with you further.

Business Objective : Launch A New Product

Sponsorship Solution: Sponsoring an Evening Drinks Reception is a cost-effective way to carry out a new product launch or supplement existing launch activities. The return on investment is very straight forward and easy to quantify - you will create a memorable occasion to a pre-qualified group of people who are guaranteed to have an interest in your product. The sponsorship package includes the opportunity to address the audience for fifteen minutes, and in the more informal environment of the Drinks Reception. This will be the perfect opportunity for you to deliver your product announcements. Our marketing team can work with you to invite any specific clients or potential clients whom you would like to entertain and inform, and will also work with your communications or PR people to invite relevant industry press. To help you budget, we will agree a fixed price for the sponsorship package to include all beverage and catering costs.

Business Objective : Build Your Brand

Sponsorship Solution: Taking the Lead Sponsor or Gold Sponsor position on one of our events automatically positions your company as the brand leader and center of expertise in your particular industry area. Typically, clients will join us as Lead or Gold Sponsor at the beginning of the marketing campaign for a specific event, in order that they can take full advantage of what the sponsorship package has to offer. We will be promoting each summit to around 50,000 people globally through our direct marketing and sales channels, as well as a sophisticated online and social media presence, which you, as Lead or Gold Sponsor, will of course tap into. You will have the opportunity, if you wish, to use our Summit as a vehicle to engage a wide range of stakeholders on a particular issue or set of issues by distributing a White Paper to attendees or contributing to the editorial direction of the Summit by offering a Keynote Speaker or Chairperson. Extensive branding on site at the event and throughout our pre-event promotional activities will capture the target audiences' hearts and minds and effectively position your organization as thought leaders and forerunners in the field.

Business Objective : Engage Key Decision Makers And Build New Future Business Relationships

Sponsorship Solution: Sponsorship of our Exclusive Speakers Dinner is also the right solution if you are looking to engage a specific set of senior level decision makers that it might not otherwise be possible to reach. By hosting a special dinner for speakers (we will work with Sponsors to identify the most appropriate location for the dinner, usually an upmarket restaurant with private dining facilities). Sponsors may send additional representatives such as key client relationship managers to join the dinner so that you may capitalize on this unique networking opportunity. You may choose for invitations and menus to be branded. You may also further expand the business opportunity by upgrading the Speaker dinner to a VIP dinner and inviting your own clients or key delegates from the attendee list to join the function.

Business Objective : Educate The Market

Sponsorship Solution: Co-Sponsorship of the Summit will provide you with a good initial level of association with the event which you can further enhance by sponsoring a pre or post conference Workshop or Breakfast Briefing. In either case you will have the opportunity to present material to the audience that offers specific educational benefits, focused information or 'know-how' that will be of genuine practical value to delegates helping you to position yourself as a market leader and center of excellence for the subject.

To discuss the options in more detail please contact:

Andrew Barrett


(1) 800 721 3915


For the shale revolution to continue its incredible progress in the Rocky Mountains' Bakken, Niobara, DJ Basin, Piceance and Uinta....

.....there needs to be a consistent and readily available water supply. Accessing freshwater is becoming more difficult than ever, and there is now an increasingly pressing need to look at innovative approaches. Whether operators are looking at recycling produced water to minimize fresh water requirements or redesigning frac gels to cope with high TDS water, across the board there has been no shortage of creative thinking on the most economical way to overcome the problem.

What is lacking is successful, practical, economical application. By bringing operators throughout the Rockies together, the Produced Water Reuse Initiative 2013 offered an opportunity to find the most efficient water treatment in the space of just two days. A variety of the critical aspects of water management will be addressed by operators actively practicing them, including recycling, disposal and transport, with each session having the same ultimate goal: to drive down costs and improve completions economics.

What Was New This Year?

  • ROCKIES ORIENTED: Using data and studies specifically from the Bakken, Niobrara and DJ, Piceance and Uinta basins to provide solutions to problems relative to the unique characteristics of this region
  • ECONOMICS FOCUSED: With the main issue in water management being to be as cost-effective as possible, all sessions have been engineered to deliver solutions for minimizing completions costs.
  • DECISIONS FOCUSED: All sessions have been geared towards helping operators evaluate trade offs and actually make decisions on every aspect of water management from which treatment technology to invest in to using the right frac chemicals

Key Topics Addressed:

  • RECYCLING VS. DISPOSAL: Assessing the effectiveness of different recycling technologies to evaluate it as an economic alternative to transporting and disposing produced water
  • FRESH WATER VS. PRODUCED WATER: Examining the permits, regulations and the effectiveness on fracs to determine the most efficient long-term sourcing option
  • FRAC FLUID COMPATIBILITY: Understanding if it is more effective to treat produced water to be compatible with current frac fluids or use innovative frac fluids that are compatible with untreated water
  • PIPELINES VS. TRUCKING: Examining the costs of trucking vs. permanent underground and temporary over ground pipeline systems to determine most cost-effective method
  • INNOVATIVE DISPOSAL METHODS: Looking at innovative alternative disposal methods to avoid delays caused by disposal well permits and lack of disposal well availability
  • NORTH DAKOTA VS. COLORADO: Exploring the regulatory requirements in each state to build productive working relationships with regulators and accelerate permitting procedures
  • WATER STORAGE: Comparing the attributes of pits and water tanks as short and long-term methods for storing water in order to find a cost-effective solution for storage in the volatile climate of the Rockies and North Dakota.


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